How to Streamline Behavior Documentation in a Middle School Classroom

I can’t believe it has been about 2 months since my last post! I came running back to the blog tonight because I have to share something I found on Pinterest (of course) that is streamlining some behavior documentation in my classroom and on my team: Using QR Codes with Google Forms. 

If you’re not tech savvy and the terms “QR Codes” and “Google Forms” scare you…just hear me out! 

What It Is

On the original post I saw (shoutout to! Check her out!), the teacher who has a 1:1 iPad classroom uses QR codes to help her document missing homework assignments from students. The students come in, and those who don’t have their homework scan a QR code that is on a poster on her wall, fill out the Google Form and boom! She has everything documented in one spreadsheet! This got my mind rolling. Now, I definitely don’t have a 1:1 iPad classroom (I have 3 desktops and no tablets) but I knew I could somehow use this to make life easier for me and my team. It hit me: team behavior documentation!

Let me backtrack a minute. . . as an 8th grade teacher, my school works in teams. One ELA teacher, one math teacher, one social studies teacher and one science teacher all share the same students. Previously, we were spending a good chunk of time documenting and tracking behaviors that we needed to follow up on like who was tardy to class, who was out of dress code, who needed to take a break in another classroom, who has lunch detentions, etc. Now, this is NO MORE!

What I Did

I made a Google Form to correspond with anything I wanted to track, and then linked that to a QR code. I then printed it on a half sheet of colored paper, laminated, and put it on a key ring to keep it together. Now, if someone is tardy to class (or whatever else happens that I scan for) I can quickly fill in the information I want and done! The best thing about this is that when any of my teammates do this as well, it all goes to a shared spreadsheet I can access in my Google Drive! 
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.02.31 PM



How to Set It Up

  1. Download a QR Code reader on your smartphone. I have an iPhone and have “QR Reader for iPhone”.
  2. Go to your Google account and make a new Google Form for whatever you’re wanting to track and be able to scan.
  3. When you’re finished building the Google Form, copy the link that Google gives you that is attached to the form (the link you’d use to share it with someone else).
  4. Google a QR Code generator. I used this one:
  5. Select URL on the QR Code Generator and copy the link to the Google Form you made into the “Enter URL Here” box. From here, a custom QR Code should be made.
  6. Save the QR code that you just made.
  7. Insert the picture of the QR code you made onto a word document, label what the code is for and print.
  8. Use the QR Code reader on your phone and scan the QR code to test it. The Google Form you filled out should pull up on your phone or device.
  9. Fill out test information in the fields and then visit your Google Form response spreadsheet in your Google Drive to make sure everything shows up. If it does, you’re FINISHED!


So what do you think? Will this make anything easier for you in your classroom? I’d love to hear how you use Google Forms or QR codes in your classroom!


13 thoughts on “How to Streamline Behavior Documentation in a Middle School Classroom

  1. This is a great idea! I found the URL to this post from the same pin that gave you this idea! Now I have 2 great ideas! I’m going to make several copies of the behavior QR codes to place on the walls around my room, so I never have to travel far to scan a code, that way I don’t have to carry around a ring of cards. Then I have a timestamp and documentation to refer back to later! Thanks so much!

  2. Great ideas! Just a quick thought … If you’re using Google Forms and Sheets, why not insert the QR code images into a Google Doc instead of Word? I’ve been able to insert QR images in GDocs and label them as you’ve described. This will keep all of your files in GDrive.

  3. Awesome! Also, your comment brought to my attention that this site was still up 🙂 I have moved everything over to Check it out! There have been many comments to this post, and I posted a step-by-step how to set this up!

  4. Genius! You can absolutely do that and that is even smarter! I think I’m just conditioned to using Microsoft Office products 🙂 Getting better at Google stuff though! …. Also, you’re comment brought to my attention that this site is still up. I have moved everything over to! Check this post out, as many people have commented how they may implement this. I also posted a step by step how to set this up!

  5. I’ve never used QR codes before, but I am interested in trying this out for my high schoolers this year. How do you keep track of who did what? From what I understand, it will track the time and the infraction, but how does it keep track of who it was? Is that something you need to input manually?

  6. Angela–

    Hey there! I’ve actually moved all of my stuff over to another blog… where I have written more extensively about this! I left this site up b/c I’ve still gotten a lot of people directed here via Pinterest. I’ve written a step by step on how to set this up where I think it will clear it up.

    If you want to tie 1 code to 1 kid/form, then you just make one per kid. You can make one form and just copy it and then name each form after the kids. … Check out this post and let me know if you still have questions!

  7. Kelsey,
    I think I’m missing something here. I’m not that good at google yet. If I’m using, say the tardy QR, who scans it as the kids come in late? Do the kids scan it? If so, how does it tell me which kids are tardy? Or is it just to keep track of numbers?


  8. I have yet to learn anything about Google classroom. I am pretty computer savvy but am not quite following this. I understand the concept of creating a QR Code and linking it to a URL. I am unfamiliar with these “forms” to which you refer.
    I check homework daily and keep a record of those who have and have not completed their work. So, can you please help me understand how I can utilize this format to keep track of homework completion? Do I need a new QR Code for every class? for every assignment?

    I would so appreciate any help anyone will offer.

  9. Hey Sarah! I’m so sorry it has taken me a bit to get back to you…I’ve been in full back to school mode and have been away from the blog. I actually left this post up because so many people are finding it via Pinterest…but my blog has changed and is now at! If you go to this post, you will find a step by step of how to do everything!

    But to answer your question, I scan when kids come in Tardy and on the Google Form I just put the kids name and I select the class period. It is time stamped in the spreadsheet so if you’re doing it in real time then you can see that as well! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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